Vigor Vts-610 hedge trimmer
€65,00 €47,90
Vigor Vts-610 hedge trimmer
Vigor Vts-610 hedge trimmer Vigor Vts-610 hedge trimmer. HEDGE TRIMMER VIGOR VTS-610 MOTOR 230/240V 50HZ WATT 600 DOUBLE ACTION SHARP BLADES WITH SAFETY PROFILE BLADE PITCH MM. 14 DOUBLE SAFETY BUTTON VIGOR VTS 610 HEDGE TRIMMER, Technical Details: Electric motor...
€65,00 €47,90
Battery hedge trimmer 20V - NUDO 450MM - INGCO
Battery hedge trimmer 20V - NUDO 450MM - INGCO Battery hedge trimmer useful for those who own a garden or have a passion for gardening. P20S platform battery: Can be used on more than 120 lithium cordless items. Voltage: 20V...
€75,00 €66,90
VIGOR “VTS-510” electric hedge trimmer
Vigor electric hedge trimmer model "VTS-510" useful for trimming hedges with medium-small diameter shrubs. Very easy to handle thanks to its lightness. TECHNICAL FEATURES: 230/240V 50Hz electric motor Power 500 Watts Sharp double action blades Blade length 51cm Security profile...
€60,00 €44,90
Kit Tagliasiepi a batteria 20V 2 Ah - INGCO
Kit Tagliasiepi a batteria 20V  INGCO KIT COMPOSTO da  1 tagliasiepi CSTLI2001 20V solo corpo 1 caricabatterie FCLI2001E 20V  1 batteria FBLI2001E 20V 2Ah Voltaggio: 20V Velocità a vuoto (giri / min): 1200 Lama laser Materiale lama: SK5 Larghezza di taglio tagliasiepi:...
€99,00 €79,90
20V battery hedge trimmer - Naked INGCO (machine body only)
Battery hedge trimmer 20V - Naked INGCO Voltage: 20V No-load speed (rpm): 1200 Laser blade Blade material: SK5 Hedge trimmer cutting width: 200 mm Teeth distance: 8mm Grass shear blade cutting width: 100mm Charging time: 3-5 hours Battery and charger...
€45,00 €39,90
HT 525 - STIGA petrol hedge trimmer
€240,00 €199,00
HT 525 - STIGA petrol hedge trimmer
With its lightweight engine and ergonomic design, the HT 525 petrol hedge trimmer is the perfect mix of high performance and easy handling. Its 50 cm tin-coated dual-action blades guarantee the strength and precision necessary for the most demanding cutting...
€240,00 €199,00
SGM 72 AE STIGA multifunction battery-powered grass trimmer - hedge trimmer
Battery-powered multifunctional tool equipped with 8 cm grass cutter blade and 18 cm hedge trimmer blade. 7.2V battery powered 18cm double action hedge trimmer blade 8cm dual action lawn mower blade 2.5 Ah battery and charger included Battery kit included...
€109,00 €94,90
INGCO petrol hedge trimmer 25.4cc 1HP 55cm blade
INGCO 1HP 2-stroke petrol hedge trimmer Displacement: 25.4cc Rated Power: 0.75Kw (1HP) No-load speed / rated: 10000 / min Cutting diameter: 26mm-28mm Fuel tank capacity: 550ml 2-stroke engine Blade length: 550mm Packed in box BLEND: Mix with 95 RON without...
€230,00 €184,90
Tagliasiepe Sandri Garden 600W 61cm SG-TS 610
 Tagliasiepe SG-TS 610 610mm SANDRIGARDEN TAGLIASIEPI SANDRIGARDEN TS610MOTORE 230/240 V 50 HZ 600 WLAME A DOPPIA AZIONE AFFILATESUPPORTO LAMA IN ALLUMINIOPASSO LAMA 20 MMDOPPIO PULSANTE DI SICUREZZA Peso (Kg): Prodotto: 2,60 Confezione: 2,75 Dimensioni Imballo (Cm): Larghezza (L): 15,00 Altezza...
€62,00 €52,90
Tagliaerba - tagliasiepi multifunzione a batteria SGM 102 AE STIGA
Attrezzo multifunzione a batteria SGM 102 AE (EU plug) STIGA Strumento multifunzione alimentato a batteria equipaggiato con lama tagliaerba da 11 cm e lama tagliasiepi da 18 cm. Alimentazione a batteria da 10,8 V Lama tagliasiepi a doppia azione da...
€138,00 €124,90
Tagliasiepi a batteria 20V 2Ah - Stiga HT 100e Kit
Potente, preciso e sicuro, questo tagliasiepi si prenderà cura del tuo giardino in modo semplice e veloce. Dotato di batteria ePower da 20 V e 2 Ah, sviluppata e testata da STIGA in Italia, il tagliasiepi garantisce 40 minuti di...
€155,00 €129,90
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