Pedrollo PKm 60 HP 0.50 electric pump with single-phase peripheral impeller - REFURBISHED
Pedrollo Peripheral Electric Pump PKm60 HP.0,5 Single-phase • Motor power: 0.5 Hp • MAX flow rate: 40 l/min • MAX head: 38 m • Power supply: 230 V USE AND INSTALLATION - They are recommended for pumping clean water and...
€70,00 €49,90
REFURBISHED INGCO 2.5HP petrol engine pump
INGCO 2.5HP PETROL PETROL MOTOR PUMP SUPPLIED WITHOUT FITTINGS Inlet and outlet port diameter: 1-1/2'' Max Flow: 167L/min Max lift: 18m Maximum suction: 7 m 2.5HP petrol engine Displacement: 105cc Fuel tank: 1.2L Oil tank: 0.4L Lubricant: SEA/10W-30 Starting system:...
€160,00 €99,90
800W hammer drill with double chuck and INGCO accessories - REFURBISHED
Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz Input Power: 800W No-load speed: 0-1100rpm Impact frequency: 0-4000 bpm Impact Energy: 2.5J Max drilling capacity: Concrete: 26mm Steel: 13mm Wood: 30mm SDS plus chuck system With 3 points and 2 chisels REFURBISHED PRODUCT! Discover all...
€78,90 €49,90
5-seater gun cabinet with Tesoretto Lock domus Apf.4ktadv
Domus APF.4KTADV 5-Place Gun Cabinet with Treasure, Key Lock, Dark Gray 5-seater gun cabinet with treasure chest; dimensions: 315x1380x205 Lock with double-bit key; treasure chest with cylinder lock 2 nickel-plated steel bolts, diameter 18 mm 5-seater rifle rubber rack; carpeted...
€199,00 €179,90
AWELCO AUTOMIG 130 continuous wire welding machine without gas
AUTOMIG 130 NO GAS WELDING MACHINE, Awelco brand, continuous wire . FREE SHIPPING It manages to satisfy those who have to use it at a hobbyist and semi-professional level, for simple jobs, but also semi-professional ones by combining simplicity of...
€155,00 €109,90
INGCO SDS plus hammer drill 800W - REFURBISHED
RGH9028 INGCO Voltage: 220-240V ~ 50/60Hz Input Power: 800W No-load speed: 0-1100rpm Impact frequency: 0-4000 bpm Impact Energy: 2.5J Max drilling capacity: Concrete: 26mm Steel: 13mm Wood: 30mm SDS plus chuck system With 3 points and 2 chisels In briefcase...
€98,00 €49,90
Semi-professional blower and vacuum cleaner with STIGA SBL 327 V petrol engine - REFURBISHED -
Blower/vacuum cleaner with 27.6 cc petrol engine and maximum air flow rate of 10.2 m³/min. 55 liter bag included. - 27.6 cc (0.8 kW) internal combustion engine - Suction function with 55 l bag included -Maximum air flow rate of...
€250,00 €129,90
PEDROLLO JSWm 2AX - 1.5 HP self-priming electric pump - for autoclave
PEDROLLO JSWm 2AX Self-priming electric pump JSW self-priming pumps are designed to suck water even in the presence of air mixed with the pumped liquid. Due to their reliability and ease of use, they are recommended for domestic use, especially...
€175,00 €135,00
Pruning chainsaw with 1HP INGCO Carving blade
CARVING 10POLL 1HP INGCO PETROL CHAINSAW FREE SHIPPING Displacement: 25.4cc Weight: 3.5kg Rated Power: 0.7Kw (1HP) idle speed: 3300 ± 300 Blade length: 200mm (10") Solid carving bars Fuel tank capacity: 230ml Oil tank capacity: 160ml 2-stroke engine 10" Chainsaw...
€184,00 €119,00
Manual tile cutter MAX length 600mm INGCO
The tile cutter is a very simple tool to use, necessary for cutting and sectioning the tiles that will function as wall and floor coverings. In the absence of a tile cutter, this would be practically impossible. FEATURES: Multi-function: straight...
€59,00 €34,90
Stiga SHT 660 hedge trimmer - REFURBISHED -
With its lightweight 1.14 hp engine and ergonomic design, the SHT 660 petrol hedge trimmer is the perfect mix of high performance and easy handling. Its 60 cm tin-coated dual-action blades guarantee the strength and precision necessary for the most...
€220,00 €129,90
INGCO 800W Plastic Pipe Welder - REFURBISHED -
This tool is for connecting plastic pipes, such as PP-R and PE with the following dies (Ø20mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm, Ø50mm, Ø63mm). The tool controls the exact temperature, and is easy and safe to use. Model no. PTWT215002 Matrix surface...
€99,90 €49,90
INGCO REFURBISHED Backpack sprayer pump with 12V 8AH lithium battery
Particularly suitable for the disinfestation of particular crops, flowers and garden plants, for the cleaning of public places, for the control of hygiene and diseases in spaces where chickens and livestock are housed. 16 liter battery sprayer pump with 12V...
€89,00 €39,00
INGCO 1500W rotary demolition hammer - REFURBISHED -
Ingco RH150028 demolition hammer with 1500 W power and SDS Plus connection system. This is Ingco's best-selling demolition drill, reliable and powerful with a 2-year warranty. The impact hammer (rotary) The rotary hammer is intended for: Drilling in concrete, brick...
€138,00 €79,90
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