1CKSD 2 wire (1+1) one-family audio interphone kit - FARFISA -
One-family ClicKit intercom kit with 1+1 reduced wiring technology, complete and ready for installation Consisting of 1 Exhito EX311 interphone + 1 flush-mounted Click series anodized aluminum push-button panel + 1 PRS210 power supply.
€70,00 €59,90
Additional handset Exhito BASE 1+1 - EX311 - FARFISA
Basic interphone for 1+1 reduced wiring systems, equipped with 1 button for door release and 2 more for additional functions. To use the third button it is necessary to add the optional item EX301.
€19,00 €18,90
FARFISA 1AEXD one-family intercom kit
EXHITO Agorà 1+1 AUDIO KIT - 1AEXD One-way audio kit ready and complete for installation consisting of Exhito series indoor station and Agorà series flush-mounting door station, 1+1 reduced wiring technology.
€119,00 €99,50
Two-wire intercom handset for 1+1 EXHITO EX321 FARFISA interphone
White intercom from the Exhito series with spiral cord, electronic microphone; equipped as standard with 2 buttons including 1 door release. Allows addition of 5 more (EX301) for additional functions. Can be used in 1+1 reduced wiring door phone systems...
€24,90 €19,99
Universal handset for Exhito conventional systems with EX320R FARFISA buzzer
Exhito series plus version interphone, for replacement, with buzzer. For conventional wiring systems, electronic call or alternating call systems.
€25,90 €22,00
AVIDSEN 2-wire Bamboo color video door phone KIT
AVIDSEN 2-wire Bamboo video intercom KIT AVIDSEN VIDEO DOOR PHONE KIT YLVA3 BAMBOO 112282 TWO-FAMILY 7" COLOR 2 WIRES BambooView is the video door phone with 7” screen and brushed aluminum external pushbutton panel designed to comply the environment and...
€160,00 €159,90
2PEXD 2 wire (1+1) two-family audio intercom kit - FARFISA -
2PEXDKIT BIFAM 1+1 EXHITO PROFILE - 2PEXD Complete, ready-to-install two-way audio kit consisting of two Exhito series internal units and a Profilo series flush-mounting external unit for reduced wiring systems (1+1).
€140,00 €129,90
Kit videocitofono 2 fili connesso wifi - Farfisa 1SEK/MEW
Kit videocitofonico basato su tecnologia a 2 fili, non polarizzati. Dispone di un'unità interna con display LCD-TFT a 7" touch screen, comunicazione viva-voce e pulsanti soft touch, offre una buona qualità audio e funzionamento user friendly. Il monitor e la...
€480,00 €399,00
1PEXD 2 wire (1+1) one-family audio intercom kit - FARFISA -
1PEXD ACI FARFISA is a complete, ready-to-install one-way audio kit consisting of an Exhito series internal unit and a Profilo series flush-mounting external unit for reduced wiring systems (1+1)
€98,00 €89,90
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