40V brushcutter with 2 4.0Ah INGCO batteries
P20S platform machine: The battery pack can be used in more than 120 lithium cordless machines 40V Brushcutter with brushless motor with power and speed control Voltage: 40V No-load speed: 0-5500/min 0-7500/min Cutting blade diameter: 255 mm (10“) Cut: 330mm...
€374,00 €249,90
Stiga MT 330 multifunction brushcutter - 5 in 1
Stiga MT 330 5 in 1 multifunction brushcutter with 25.4 cc 2-stroke petrol engine, equipped with 5 tools for pruning and cutting grass and branches. Indispensable tool for lawn and garden maintenance with the function of: brushcutter, trimmer, hedge trimmer...
€280,00 €249,90
STIGA SBC 232 petrol brushcutter - 32.6 cc
STIGA SBC 232 petrol brushcutter - 32.6 cc Brushcutter equipped with 32.6 cc 2-stroke petrol engine with straight shaft, single handle and 43 cm cutting width. - 32.6 CC 2-STROKE ENGINE -SINGLE HANDLE (LOOP) -STRAIGHT TRANSMISSION ROD - CUT WIDTH...
€240,00 €179,90
Stiga SBC 226 J Brushcutter
€195,00 €169,90
Stiga SBC 226 J Brushcutter
The Stiga SBC 226 J brushcutter is an extremely easy and immediate tool to use for cleaning and finishing green areas. Efficient and at the same time extremely versatile. This model mounts a 25.4cc 2-stroke EURO 2 engine, capable of...
€195,00 €169,90
ArnoPlast Mach1 automatic universal head for 2-wire brushcutters
Mach1 Arno Universal Automatic 2-Line Head Impact resistant plastic material Automatic tap and go Ultra-fast thread loading system without head opening – Universal connection Range m 4.50 wire mm 3.00 Diameter 115mm
€15,00 €12,90
Descespugliatore a scoppio 42,7cc 2HP - INGCO
TAGLIAERBA E DECESPUGLIATORE A MISCELA 42.7CC 2HP Motore: 42.7cc Potenza nominale: 1,25 kW (2 CV) Velocità massima : 9000rpm Percorso di taglio massimo: 420mm Fodera della bobina: 2,4 mm x 4 m Diametro della lama: 255 mm (3 denti) Capacità serbatoio...
€180,00 €159,90
25.4cc petrol brushcutter - BC 730 STIGA
Are you faced with the challenge of cutting thick and resistant vegetation? Intelligent technology combined with a powerful engine gives the STIGA 730 brushcutter the strength and power needed to make rapid progress. With a choice of two cutting heads,...
SBC 500 AE cordless brushcutter
Cordless lawnmower for cordless and effortless cutting • The Tap&Go head allows you to lengthen the cutting line quickly and easily • Adjustable handle for greater comfort • Variable speed for better energy management and performance • Brushless motor offers...
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