MELT Professional disgorger based on sulfuric acid
Professional cleaner based on sulfuric acid TECHNICAL DATA PROFESSIONAL DISGORGANT BASED ON SULFURIC ACID Appearance: Clear liquid Dark colour Solubility: Soluble in water Shelf life: 24 months in unopened packaging the kit consists of a 750ml bottle of melt packaged...
€4,50 €3,99
Anti-limescale descaler for WC cisterns - F200 PROFESSIONAL - FAREN
Anti-limescale descaler for toilet cisterns F200 PROFESSIONAL - FAREN F200 is a descaler based on buffered and concentrated acids specific for cleaning anti-limescale INDOOR AND OUTDOOR TOILET CASSETTES . It completely solves the problem of encrustations that jam the cassette...
€6,00 €4,90
Cleaner descaler rinse aid for ceramics and taps 750 ml CERAMIC FAREN
I said Faren CERAMIC ceramic descaler rinse aid cleaner for taps 750 ml CERAMIC AND TAPS DESCALER CLEANER Eliminates limescale, incrustations, yellow spots, oxidation from sanitary ceramics. Excellent for eliminating limescale deposits, cleaning and polishing stainless steel, brass and copper...
€6,00 €4,90
Disincrostante per lavaggio Caldaie Kg.10 - DECAL VR27
Disincrostante a viraggio di colore per il lavaggio delle caldaie DECAL VR 27 Tanica da 10 litri DECAL VR 27 è un disincrostante a base di acidiinorganici e tamponati, additivi antischiuma e specialiinibitori di corrosione. Specifico per la rimozione dicalcare,...
€28,00 €24,90
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