Zig Zag PLUS pyrethrum spray insecticide for automatic dispenser 250 ml
Continuous protection from flies and mosquitoes Contents 250ml. | Dimensions 6.5x14.8 Description Inserted in the special Automatic Dispenser, the special dosing valve allows a controlled delivery of about 50 mg. of product at a constant rate, thus allowing to obtain...
€8,50 €7,90
PRESSOL Multipurpose Grease Cartridge 400g
Pressol 12 511 400g Multipurpose Grease Cartridge MULTIPURPOSE GREASE FOR GREASER Technical data Grease cartridge: DIN 1284 Multi-purpose grease: DIN 51 502: K2K-30 NLGI class: 2 Temperature range (°C): -30 / +120°C, for permanently greased bearings -30 to +80°C Dropping...
€5,00 €3,99
INGCO 1500W rotary demolition hammer
Ingco RH150028 demolition hammer with 1500 W power and SDS Plus connection system. This is Ingco's best-selling demolition drill, reliable and powerful with a 2-year warranty. The impact hammer (rotary) The rotary hammer is intended for: Drilling in concrete, brick...
€138,00 €89,90
Microgranular insecticide for ants and insects 1 KG DURACID VEBI
Granular insecticide duracid microgranules for ants and insects 1 KG VEBI Duracid Microgranules is an insecticide with a specific formulation against ants. The microencapsulation of the active principle allows to increase the effectiveness of the product: the ant, after ingesting...
€6,00 €5,90
SIGILLATERRAZZI Madras waterproofing protective water repellent for terraces
WATERPROOF WATERPROOF PROTECTIVE FOR BALCONIES, TERRACES AND SUSPENDED FLOORS SIGILLATERRAZZI is a sealant, deep waterproofing. Concentrated solution of silanes, siloxanes and organic polymers suitably catalysed in dearomatised solvents to seal and waterproof horizontal surfaces with macroporosity and cracks up to...
€32,00 €23,90
MULTIFISS PROFESSIONAL - PROCHIMICA hybrid polymer crosslinking adhesive-sealant 290ml.
MULTIFISS PROFESSIONAL - PROCHIMICA hybrid polymer crosslinking adhesive-sealant 290ml. MULTIFISS SEALS AND GLUES EVEN IN IMMERSION. Multifiss is a hybrid polymer cross-linking adhesive sealant, powerful and versatile in all applications. It cures by reaction to atmospheric humidity forming a high...
Demolition hammer 1600W SDS-MAX with INGCO case
FREE SHIPPING Power:220-240V Input Power: 1600W No-load speed: 550 rpm Impact rate: 3850 bpm Impact energy: 8.0J Maximum drilling capacity: Concrete: 38mm Center tip: 100mm SDS MAX spindle system Anti-vibration system With 2 bits and 2 chisels Packed in case...
€199,00 €156,50
G&B chemical anchor 300ml
€6,90 €4,50
G&B chemical anchor 300ml
chemical BUT MULTI ANCHOR CE7 CE certified polyester resin High quality chemical anchor, based on polyester resin, for a secure fastening with high performance. Suitable for use on the main building materials, it guarantees high sealing capacities on solid and...
€6,90 €4,50
Extra anti-fog nitro thinner 5 Liters MULTICHIMICA
Formulated on the basis of highly selected raw materials, the extra anti-fog nitro thinner is used for the dilution of nitro, nitro-synthetic and synthetic gloss and matt primers and finishes with fast drying, enhancing the characteristics of the paint, such...
€15,00 €11,90
40V brushcutter with 2 4.0Ah INGCO batteries
P20S platform machine: The battery pack can be used in more than 120 lithium cordless machines 40V Brushcutter with brushless motor with power and speed control Voltage: 40V No-load speed: 0-5500/min 0-7500/min Cutting blade diameter: 255 mm (10“) Cut: 330mm...
€374,00 €249,90
Rutile electrodes "48 A" INE d. 2.5mm. RED see 230 pcs.
Rutile electrodes "48 A" INE d. 2.5mm. RED see 230 pcs. Product description Rutile coating for welding carbon and C - Mn steels of medium mechanical characteristics - Particularly studied for the great ease of ignition due to the presence...
€16,50 €14,99
Karcher K3 120BAR 1600W cold water pressure washer with accessories
Karcher K3 120-bar pressure washer Karcher K3 120-bar high pressure cleaner – cod. 1.601-888.0 K3 The K3 is easy to handle and light thanks to the wheels and its weight: just under 6 kg. Excellent to use to remove dirt...
€120,00 €99,90
Mini drill grinder rod dremel type 130W + 52 accessories with INGCO case
MINI DRILL GRINDER ROD 130W + 52 ACCESSORIES WITH CASE TYPE DREMEL The rotary grinder is designed for drilling, cutting, grinding, routing and polishing wood, metal, plastic and stone. The tool is designed for light work, such as engraving, model...
€41,00 €29,90
Betoniera elettrica 180L 800W - INGCO
La CM30-1E Ingco è una betoniera compatta, efficiente e comoda da utilizzare per realizzare miscele di malta cementizia, massetto o intonaco. Pratica e maneggevole da trasportare con ruote gommate molto robuste, anche in cantieri con terreni sconnessi. Pratico e comodo sistema...
€480,00 €389,00
Smerigliatrice angolare 115mm a batteria 20V Brushless - Solo Corpo - INGCO
Motore brushless Voltaggio: 20V Velocità a vuoto: 3000/8500 giri/min Diametro del disco: 115mm Filettatura del mandrino:M14 Batteria e caricabatteria venduti separatamente Disco non incluso Imballato in scatola
€69,00 €59,90
Giraffe wall sander 1050W with INGCO bag
Giraffe sander 1050W with INGCO bag Power:1050W Max Speed:600-2300rpm Sander disc diameter: 215mm Sandpaper diameter: 225mm Pipe diameter: 32mm Powder tube diameter: 38mm With LED light With 6 sheets of sandpaper With 2 adapters With 4m hose With 1 extension...
€266,00 €169,90
"PEPPina" Gierre aluminum telescopic multifunction ladder, 4+4 rungs
AL020 Color ALUMINUM/GREEN Description "PEPPina" Gierre aluminum telescopic multifunction ladder, 4+4 rungs, allows to reach different working heights and can be used in three configurations : as a double / double ladder, or lame (when there is a difference in...
€155,00 €129,90
INGCO 800W PPR plastic pipe welder
This tool is for connecting plastic pipes, such as PP-R and PE with the following dies (Ø20mm, Ø25mm, Ø32mm, Ø40mm, Ø50mm, Ø63mm). The tool controls the exact temperature, and is easy and safe to use. Model no. PTWT215002 Matrix surface...
€94,00 €59,99
KIT Cordless angle grinder 20V + charger + 4 Ah INGCO battery
INGCO ANGLE GRINDER KIT WITH 20V BATTERY + BATTERY CHARGER + 4 Ah BATTERY Features: Disc diameter: 115mm Spindle thread: M14 Rated speed (n) / No load speed: 8500/min Rated Voltage: 20V Battery charger + 4ah battery INCLUDED!!!! PERFORMANCE: with...
€145,00 €118,90
Disposable nitrile gloves 50 pcs - Saratoga
Hypoallergenic 100% LATEX FREE Extra resistant Things Disposable gloves in THICKENED NITRILE. Powder-free, non-sterile, ambidextrous, extra-strong, hypoallergenic. Micro-rough surface: guarantees excellent grip. With tear-saving cuff, they are highly ergonomic, which allows prolonged use without fatigue. Black colour. Saratoga thickened nitrile...
€16,00 €10,90
20V cordless pruning shears with battery and battery charger - Ø25 cut - INGCO
Ø25mm 20V pruning shears with 2.0Ah battery and battery charger - CSSLI202581 INGCO Pruning shears Ø 25mm, ideal for precision work. Brushless motor Voltage: 20V Cutting diameter: 25mm With 1 2.0AH battery With 1 charger Charging volts: 220V-240V~50/60Hz Packed in...
€159,00 €139,90
Complete protective impregnating agent for wood Expert water-based in Gel 0.75 L V33
The complete protective Expert Water is ideal on all types of wood, even previously treated. Thanks to the gel formulation with an anti- drip seal , this product has won awards for its simplicity of use and ease of application,...
€26,00 €13,00
Manual tile cutter MAX length 600mm INGCO
The tile cutter is a very simple tool to use, necessary for cutting and sectioning the tiles that will function as wall and floor coverings. In the absence of a tile cutter, this would be practically impossible. FEATURES: Multi-function: straight...
€59,00 €39,99
INGCO 1/2'' brushless impact wrench with 2 2 Ah batteries + bag
Industrial impact screwdriver BRUSHLESS MOTOR. With two batteries, 1 charger and canvas bag. Brushless motor (brushless) Voltage: 20V Square Drive: 1/2" No-load speed: 0-1300 / 0-2100 / min Impact rate: 0-2000 / 0-3300 bpm Max torque: 300NM 20V lithium 2.0...
€139,00 €99,99

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