All the advantages of refurbished products

Have you ever heard of refurbished products? Do they really agree?

Let's start by clarifying that, when we talk about refurbished products, we are referring to products of any kind.

What is the difference between a refurbished product and a used one?

Used (or second-hand) products are sold as they are, in the state of wear and tear in which they are found, while reconditioned products undergo an entire maintenance process, both mechanically and functionally as well as aesthetically, which brings them back to a condition equivalent to that of the new product.

Refurbished products returned by customers or products that were on display, but sometimes it can also be stock of unsold goods. Once removed from the packaging, the products can no longer be sold as new. They therefore undergo a process in which they are tested, repaired if necessary, sanitized and re-sealed to be put back on sale. If the product does not pass all these stages it cannot be put on the market. The reconditioning process can be carried out directly by the manufacturer or by specialized companies.

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